Gift of Love: John, Abigail, Bryson

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Updated: Aug. 7, 2019 at 1:21 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - John, Abigail, and Bryson are three siblings with smiles warm enough to fill your heart. The way they love life, despite not having parents, is something even more inspiring.

All three children showed off their imaginations as they played through the exhibits at The Discovery Science Place in Tyler.

The oldest of the bunch, started off with some ‘grocery shopping.’ He went through what he’d gathered up with us. “Some cheese, and a green apple, and an orange," he said.

The youngest, Bryson, 2, is still learning to communicate, but his limited communication has no jurisdiction on the goals he sets for himself.

The toddler proved to us he wasn’t afraid to reach for the highest shelves in the grocery store exhibit, even if that meant asking for a little bit of help,

“Thank you!” he replied with a cheer.

His older sister Abigail, soon to be in Pre-K, bridged her two brothers together with a gentle motherly soul.

“This!” She said as she picked her favorite juice. “That’s perfect!”

According to her case worker, Abigail, like her brother Bryson, is also going through speech therapy. And while her words are limited, they exude kindness and courtesy.

John told us he was enjoyed his summer before entering the first grade.

Right now some of his favorite hobbies include, “eating cheese, playing or playing soccer.”

As for when he returns to school, he said, [I] like doing my homework… or doing outside.”

Like most children his age, he was happy to admit he liked “playing outside” a lot more than the latter.

John has dreams of becoming a police officer one day. “I always like police,” he said.

He said it’s because he wants to help people in the future.

It’s not too often you spend a morning with a set of young siblings and not see one moment of conflict.

Instead, it was hops, skips, joyful screams and smiles that make you want to smile right back.

For this group of young children, the reality of foster care may not fully set in for years to come.

But their hope of finding a forever family remains.

When asked if they wanted a mommy and daddy, all three nodded, “yes.”

For more information on how to adopt John, Abigail, Bryson or other East Texas children available for adoption. Please email .

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