Kitchen Pickin’: Tupperware makes a comeback

Jeff also brings back a brand from last week and a big ugly amazing chip and dip set.
Published: Nov. 7, 2022 at 3:23 PM CST
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EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - It was a really wet weekend but Jeff found a couple opportunities to find some treasures.

Grandpa’s ice cream bowl

Grandpa's ice cream bowl
Grandpa's ice cream bowl(KLTV)

Jeff: I’m not saying I want it to happen now, but I’m looking forward to being a grandfather one day so this one made me smile. The bowl is massive and perfect for a guy like me looking to pig out on ice cream. This has a very familiar look, like Marshall Pottery, so I took a closer look and decided to get it. The bottom says “Clay Design” but research on the company didn’t get me far.

Steph: This really is cute and homey. I know a lot of grandpas out there would love to get this for Christmas!

Tupperware colander

Tupperware colander
Tupperware colander(KLTV)

Jeff: I bet at least 60 percent of our audience knows this one. I don’t know if anything screams vintage Tupperware than a yellow colander. Steph and I were talking last week about our mothers and I realized how similar our lives with our mothers were growing up when it came to the kitchen. Mrs. Awtrey actually picked this one up because her mother also had it. But I knew I had to bring it on the show this week because Steph would know it immediately. Turns out our host also knew it and so did others in the newsroom. We got pretty lucky this week with the condition of our items and this one is no exception.

Steph: Yes, this definitely looks very familiar, and it’s in such great condition! I even heard one person in the newsroom tell Jeff she wanted to buy it. She wanted it as a back up to her own, I think. People do love these things!

Garden Classics salad bowl

Garden Classics salad bowl
Garden Classics salad bowl(KLTV)

Jeff: Another Mrs. Awtrey special. I don’t think I saw this until we got home Saturday. It’s funny how sometimes we split off at a sale and don’t even know what the other one bought. I just thought this was really cool because of how big it is and how the recipe is in the bowl.

Steph: I like this, too. And when we looked it up, we found there are other salad recipe options available from that company, which I don’t think is in business anymore. Good find, especially for a mere 75 cents!

Lotus chip and dip set

Lotus chip and dip set
Lotus chip and dip set(KLTV)

Jeff: Yet another Mrs. Awtrey special! Her eyes really lit up because apparently this was a heavy feature on one of the garage sale videos we watch on YouTube. I have no idea what she’s talking about but apparently this is a BOLO. It’s a swimming pool and hot tub. The chips go in the pool and the dip goes in the bowl. This was quite the talker a few times in the newsroom. Everyone was either aghast or amazed. Definitely a talker.

Steph: Agreed, definitely a talker. One of our colleagues was salivating over it, she loved it so much. Another one said it made him very uncomfortable. I had to laugh. I think it’s cute! Good find, Cheryl! I’d never seen one of these before.


Hawaii linen
Hawaii linen(KLTV)

Jeff: Steph provided one of her surprise items again this week. I’ve never even thought about linens but what a cool thing to watch out for. She brought one featuring Hawaii, which I love, as I used to live there. She also brought one featuring a 1965 calendar and another showing some kind of royal event in England. I can see how these could fetch big money. They are also super easy to ship. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for some vintage linens.

Steph: Yes, I knew you’d like this one! As I said, I spent very little for it, but it was in perfect condition, and it’s made of linen. It would be cute in a beach-y kitchen, or even pressed and then framed. Most of the linen kitchen towels I find like this I pay a dollar or two for, at most. Sometimes you have to dig through a box of them to find the ones worth having, but I kind of enjoy the hunt. I guess that’s part of pickin’!

We’ll see y’all again this coming Wednesday at 3 p.m. for the next episode of Kitchen Pickin’ on East Texas Now. Can’t wait to see what treasures Jeff will bring to show us!