Kitchen Pickin’: ‘That’s not vintage!’

This week we have some really old and really new.
Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 4:40 PM CST|Updated: Feb. 9, 2023 at 4:00 PM CST
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EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Jeff picked up a ton of Tupperware this week but only brought one piece for the show. Steph brought a couple old unknown treasures from her kitchen.

Ozark Trail koozie

It's a very common item, but it's brand new.
It's a very common item, but it's brand new.(KLTV)

Jeff: All I can say is this was a dollar and an easy decision. These steel insulated drinkware holders are all the rage now. It’s very important to keep your drinks cold!

Steph: I didn’t know they even made these, but now that I know, I have to invest in some for the beach. Getting one for a dollar was a great deal! I don’t think the foam ones keep drinks cold long enough.


Fremware appears to be a pretty obscure, obsolete brand.
Fremware appears to be a pretty obscure, obsolete brand.(KLTV)

Jeff: I walked right by this sale but Mrs. Awtrey was pretty interested. This is called FremWare and with the little research I could find, it appears this was a line started in 1972 and over by the late 1980s. We got quite a haul of this. Lots of plates, trays and cups. It’s perfect to serve lunch for your kindergartner during the summer.

Steph: It really is bright and cute. And the bottom says dishwasher safe, which is exactly what you need if you have a little kiddo or two in your house. This is a brand I had never heard of before; it’s fun to learn about new old ones.

Harley Quinn flask

This appears to still be in circulation.
This appears to still be in circulation.(KLTV)

Jeff: We spotted this at a garage sale for a dollar. The owner of the home said a relative had bought this for her, even though she had quit drinking. This is the Margot Robbie version of Harley Quinn, who has been recast by Lady Gaga. That sounds like an interesting casting and I’m hoping this will go out of circulation soon so the value can rise.

Steph: It does seem like this will be an interesting collector’s item for someone. People love those movies, that actress, etc. Great find at that sale!

Oscar Mayer tongs

Oscar Mayer tongs
Oscar Mayer tongs(KLTV)

Jeff: I saw this at an estate sale and it just screamed vintage to me. Just looking at them and I can taste a burned hot dog (which, by the way, is the only way to eat them). I think a burned hot dog nestled in a bun with mustard, chili and cheese is a top-five meal for sure. Something tells me Steph will disagree. No ketchup!

Steph: I just love the humor of tongs with handles shaped like hot dogs. That makes me laugh, and I’m sure the OM company was going for that! Cute branding idea. I don’t like my hot dogs burned, but grilled is wonderful, and if there’s chili I like it with ketchup, and a little sprinkle of onions and/or cheese on top. Darn it, now I’m hungry for supper.

Tupperware condiment caddy

Such a nice clean set.
Such a nice clean set.(KLTV)

Jeff: We bought so much Tupperware last week! Maybe about three good-sized boxes worth? My favorite is this complete caddy set with the spoons. Well, it didn’t have the spoons at first. I bought this set on Friday and went back on Saturday and decided to buy the spoons. That’s when one of the sellers told me she believed the spoons went with this set.

Steph: This is a perfect condiment caddy set. Absolutely pristine, and I love the taupe color. It seems providential, if providence cares about Tupperware, that you went back and she gave you the spoons for the set.

Vintage green teapot

We can't find a match on this!
We can't find a match on this!(KLTV)

Steph: This pretty little vintage teapot was given to me years ago. I loved the green color, and the shape of it is so cute. It’s marked USA on the bottom, but there isn’t a maker’s mark. If anyone has any idea who made this pot and how old it is, shoot me an email at, or go to my Facebook page to post on my wall.

Jeff: Something like this, even if we don’t know what it is, can sell on eBay. It’s what we call “longtail,” because it will be listed for a while before it sells. I’m not sure why it’s called that. But someone will just like the look if you know what you’re doing when you take the pictures and it’ll go for 30 bucks.

Mexican silverplate pitcher

Steph cleaned this up nicely!
Steph cleaned this up nicely!(KLTV)

Steph: This was found in boxes of stuff to be removed from my husband’s grandmother’s home in Mississippi after shed died in the early 2000s. She used to live on Caddo Lake in Texas and frequently would travel with friends to Mexico for fun, back before passports were required to go there. The must be one of the souvenirs she brought back. Isn’t it pretty? Cleaned up beautifully, and looks gorgeous with zinnias in it in the summertime.

Jeff: This reminds me, I really need to clean up some of my silver. Steph showed us how in a recent edition of Kitchen Care.

Mama Steph's Mexican silverplate pitcher
Mama Steph's Mexican silverplate pitcher(East Texas Kitchen/Mama Steph)

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