Crowned with Goodness cancer outreach foundation holds Gladewater family event

Crowned with Goodness cancer outreach foundation holds Gladewater family event
Crowned with Goodness cancer outreach foundation holds Gladewater family event
Published: Mar. 5, 2023 at 5:04 PM CST
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GLADEWATER, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas woman diagnosed with stage four cancer herself held a support event for other East Texans and their families going through the hard road of treatment and chemotherapy.

Though she is not through with her own battle, she is on a mission to give others hope.

Adorned with purple and gold, the color of royalty, the Garfield community center in Gladewater became a celebration spot for East Texas cancer patients.

“Today we just want to love on those who are vulnerable at this time, those who are going through devastation. I know about that all too well,” says organizer Marisa Ward.

Ward, who is in treatment for stage 4 cancer, founded an outreach organization called ‘Crowned with Goodness’ to help families with the expense and difficulties of the long road through treatment and recovery.

Today she hosted ‘Pamper me and family day’ for cancer patients.

“I really wasn’t surprised because I know Marisa’s heart. I know she looking for purpose and she’s walking in her purpose,” said Sherry Williams, who’s husband has cancer.

“This event, it’s great. To have someone think about you, that’s a wonderful feeling,” says cancer survivor Marcus Johnson.

Through her travels to treatments, Ward experienced the hardships that other cancer patients had to go through as well.

“I’m actually still going through the chemo treatments,” she says.

“Certain people that are going through it. Some that made it, some that didn’t, you try to be there for them,” Johnson says.

James Williams was diagnosed with cancer recently, after surviving cancer 20 years ago.

“After that I thought is had beat it, but come back around with a different one this time,” he says.

A brother and sister attending can tell you, cancer can strike even siblings.

“My sister was first and I was next. There’s a lot of people out there dealing with it on their on. And this kind of program will help,” says cancer patient Terry Turner.

“I think it’s wonderful. I hope Marisa gets the treatment she needs and she is cured,” said Terry’s sister Breezy Kelly.

Ward founded the outreach foundation, which assists cancer patients with finances, lodging, transportation to treatments, even special events like today, which she hopes will give encouragement to patients and their families.

“Let them talk about their concerns and what’s ailing them, and see how we can get through this together,” Marisa says.

“You celebrate life, see life differently,” Johnson says.

If you know someone battling cancer, who can be helped by Ward’s organization, ‘Crowned with Goodness’, they can be reached at ‘’.